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Many factors come into play when buying a new car, and let's face it, plenty of people are out there right now looking for the type of car that has all the extra goodies, isn't too expensive, and also looks good. It's hard to choose the right car and even harder to decide which feature it most important. So, what is the one major factor that should determine the kind of car you drive? Interior features? The modern style of the exterior? Horsepower?

It's none of the above. Sure, all of those are important and of course appealing, but there is another factor that tops all of these.

Fuel Efficiency.

Having a fuel efficient vehicle benefits you and all those around you, and with the world's environment in danger, we should be doing our part to get real about our vehicles and how they are affecting the world. Read through the reasons why you should be buying a fuel efficient vehicle today

Warning: These reasons are hard to argue with.

  1. Less Green House Gases. Gas and diesel powered cars produce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) which release CO₂ gasses. You look around, and you think, I can't see it, so it's not there, but it is. CO₂ gasses are contributing to Climate Change daily, and a simple fuel efficient vehicle like the Toyota Prius c Two, or Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) could be the ultimate decider between a healthy or dying climate. 

  2. Reduced Foreign Oil Dependence. In 2014, the US paid $116 million for foreign oil which primarily comes out of the Middle East. One-quarter of the oil we use to fuel our vehicles is imported from other countries. By controlling our use of petroleum, we can prevent the purchase of foreign oil and save big bucks for both ourselves and our country in the long run.  

  3. Less Air Pollutants. Most of the smog and harmful particulates emitted into the environment come from highway vehicles. Since this continues to be a problem with every car on the road, choosing an FCV could be the best option for reducing air pollutants. While they do burn fossil fuels, which do somewhat cause harm, the emissions are much less harmful to the environment.  

  4. Better Mileage For Less Money. Let's say your car now is a gas-guzzler and gets 20 mpg. If you are paying $1.88 per gallon, you're spending an average $1,350 per year to drive your car. Let's say you drove the Toyota Yaris iA which gets 40 mpg. At $1.88 per gallon, you're paying only $675 per year. That's $675 in savings! Not to mention you are getting better gas mileage each time you drive your car.  

  5. Increases Energy Sustainability. Oil is a non-renewable source, and we are running out faster than we think. Cutting back on the oil when it comes to cars will give our scientists time to find renewable alternatives that allow for better fuel efficiency and less environmental risks. Hybrids and electric cars are the way to go, while expensive outright, you're still going to be saving in the future.

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